Webpage finnished

April 18, 2008

The project is finished and we finally announce that the webpage of the project Frame 25 is done! Enjoy your surfing around and don’t forget to leave a comment…


The members of Photo club Kamnik an Youth center Kotlovnica from Slovenia prepared an exhibition, which represents moments from Youth exchange in Lithuania. We have presented best photographs from Slovenian group and some moments, that we enjoyed together with other groups.

Slovenian point of view

April 4, 2008

Paupius Namai or “home near the river” was our base in Vilnius. We’ve spent a wonderfull week in Lithuania with open-minded and positive people like I’ve never met before. We have prepared some human rights issues and there was no doubt that we agreed with each other. By exploring the city and cultural tradinion we learned a lot not only about Lithuania but also about Malta, Sardinia, Estonia and Slovenia. Cooking for 25 people is a har task but worth it to get in tuch with national traditional food! We learned a lot from cultural evening and I really enjoyed all 5 of them.
It’s sad to be back home, not only becouse we miss the activities or parties but we miss people, thet we met there. The group was perfect, there was no fighting, no arguing, only laughing, fun and joy! This is the reason why this youth exchange succeed…
I would like to thanks Lithuanian group for hosting us in Vilnius and really hope that we are going to meet again someday, somewhere…I’m sure about that…

Meltese point of view

March 30, 2008

I arrived at the exchange on Saturday afternoon. From what i was told some of the groups had arrived the day before.  I was not very sure what to expect and when i walked into the hostel after a long day of travelling i was glad to meet the smiling faces in the kitchen preparing their cultural evening for that night. They were the Slovenians and they were cooking Golaž! Then as i explored the place I met the Italians, the Estonians and the Lithuanians. I think the hardest thing in the beginning was trying to remember names but that was no longer a problem after getting to know everyone very well.

During the exchange there was never a dull moment always laughing and having fun. From waking up for workshops, exploring Vilnius, late nights out and very interesting cultural evenings I am sure i will never forget this exchange, including the near death experience of driving on the roads during the treasure hunt and getting lost hehe, ice skating , karaoke and dancing all night long. The topic was about human rights and photography. Some good photos were taken and everyone had very interesting presentations on different topics. Although there could have been improvements, the exhibition seems to have been a success!

All the participants were very friendly and everyone got on with each other, which was a very good thing J So on the whole the exchange was very fun and i got to know some wonderful people who I hope will keep in contact.

Maltese cultural evening

March 30, 2008

On Monday night, we, the Maltese had our cultural evening. We went out shopping and with some ingredients from back home made a huge feast. The typical Maltese food we made was Hobz Biz-Zejta (Bread with oil) and Froga (Fried pasta with omelette).

The Hobz biz-zejt consists of pieces of bread with tomato paste. A mixture was made with tomatoes, onions, olives, oil and basil. This mixture was put on top of the bread. We also served traditional Maltese crackers (Galletti), cheese (Gbejna) and dips (Bigilla and stuqqu). After our presentation on Malta, everyone tried a Maltese snack (twistees) and alcohol made of prickly pears.

First Day

March 30, 2008

To wake up here in Vilnius and find out it’s not snowing is like going swimming and noticing that there’s no more water in the sea! I mean, I lost my reason to live, the only certainty I had in my life. The last thing that I tried to hold on to… You should know I fell in love with the snow yesterday morning (I think the yellow one is nice too, I would taste it) and I could trust her, she’d never betray me. She let me down instead. She went away and left me disappointed with nothing left to believe in. Poor me. But my sorrows are not the point of this article actually. I just thought you would like to know. Forgive me. So I guess we’re back to us: What did we do today? I could just say almost everybody was late for breakfast (after yesterday’s adventures) and it took a lot to go out under this polar sky and have a (very long) walk in the centre of Vilnius. We must thank the Estonian girls because we wouldn’t have rested under a bus stop if they hadn’t gotten lost! We took a coffee and just walked along the streets of this nice cold town. We’ll never forget the iron dog wearing glasses. I saw a little blue-eyed child and wanted to buy him for 10lt, but I was afraid he was not for sale (I should at least have tried anyway). We finally got lost and started walking in circles thanks to our still-drunk Lithuanian leader, and didn’t find the restaurant until 3pm! As if it wasn’t enough, the waitress had a problem forgetting the orders so my group mates were getting mad with starvation. They should just learn to feed their mind and spirit with love and wisdom, as the stomach can wait. Enzo was thinking of becoming a mystic, in fact. I think we should all, try to survive these days! ☺


March 14, 2008

This is the official web page of Frame 25 Youth exchange in Lithuania, Vilnius. The contents will be updadated during the project form 21st to 31st of March 2008.